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Self Knowledge is the ultimate answer to the perennial question “Who am I?

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The School is a wholly independent non-profit organisation founded in 1987.

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The School offers an introductory, nine-week course four times each year.

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Are You Seeking Greater Self Awareness And Spiritual Awakening?

According to the ancient spiritual teachings Self Knowledge, or self awareness, is the highest form of knowledge. It is the knowledge of what I truly am. Direct realisation of the truth about myself is called spiritual enlightenment or spiritual awakening.

People everywhere seek peace, happiness and fullness of life, the very essence of human existence, unaware that what they seek is already deep within themselves.

Discovery of that eternal source - beyond the body and its activity, beyond the mind and its fleeting thoughts, beyond the heart and its ever-changing feelings – is a spiritual awakening and it reveals a deep understanding of human existence and the world in which we live.

Attaining Spiritual Awakening, Inner Peace And Enduring Happiness

Self Knowledge is of foremost importance, for our values, thinking, speech and actions depend on the understanding we have of our True Self - who we truly are.

From time to time people may feel that something is missing in life, that life seems incomplete, lacking aim and real purpose. Some may seek for a greater happiness, a greater fullness of life; others may wonder what life is and what it means – what lies beyond the surface appearance of things.

The great teachings given in the world’s ancient traditions point the way towards attainment of spiritual awakening, to that ever-present Reality which lies hidden, deep within every person. There lies knowledge of my True Self whose nature is peace, constancy and enduring happiness.

 Self Awareness Courses

The School for Self Knowledge provides the means by which people may discover and experience this spiritual awakening within themselves.

The School has provided self awareness courses and mindfulness practices for some 25 years in Sydney and Canberra. A nine-week introductory course offers informed discussions of the ancient master teachings and how they may be applied in practice.

The course establishes a firm basis for clear thought and effective action in daily life, and cultivates the art of joyful living so that students may discover for themselves increasing inner peace, fullness of life and enduring happiness.

The development of mindfulness, self awareness and wisdom ultimately leads to spiritual awakening whereby the supreme goal of all human endeavour may be attained.

  • Marsilio Ficino

    "There are three guides for the life of man.
    First is principle, which has been long and carefully tested;
    the second is experience, strengthened by long practice;
    and third, the authority of those ancients who could not have
    been easily deceived by anyone, and who appear not to have
    wished to deceive others."

  • Zen Buddhist Proverb

    "Before enlightenment - chop wood, carry water.
    After enlightenment - chop wood, carry water."

  • Upanishads

    "Meditation and action
    He who knows these two together
    Through action leaves death behind
    Through meditation gains immortality."

  • Roger Penrose (1931)
    British Mathematician and Physicist

    "Consciousness is the phenomenon whereby
    the universe's very existence is made known."

  • Buddha

    "If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,
    our whole life would change."


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