Who am I?

What is the meaning and purpose of my life?

The School for Self Knowledge, offers practical guidance to those who seek truth, knowledge, and a greater fullness of life.

Self Knowledge

Self Knowledge is the ultimate answer to the perennial question 'Who am I?'

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The School

The School is a wholly independent non-profit organisation founded in 1987.

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Locations & Registration

The School offers an introductory, nine-week course four times each year.

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Experience & Explore

Focusing on material drawn from a broad range of literary, artistic and scientific sources, the world’s great cultures, religions and sages, our easy, stimulating, and enjoyable programme provides you the opportunity for self observation and discussion.

The Course

The Introductory Course is presented systematically week by week, and provides the opportunity for self observation and discussion. Students are encouraged to verify for themselves through practice and direct personal experience in their daily life, the truth of Self Knowledge as enshrined in the great teachings of mankind.

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • Who am I?
  • What is the meaning and purpose of my life?
  • How may I find peace, love and lasting happiness?
  • How may I live life fully and discover my true Self?

Ancient Veda

“From the unreal lead us to the Real.
From darkness lead us to Light.
From death lead us to Immortality”

Student Testimonials

SFSK has filled a gap which gave me a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of life.

Thus I was able to integrate the spiritual practices into my daily life which has made a difference in my attitude towards people and life itself.

I feel more measured, calmer and take on situations as they arise.

- Lillian age 47

I have a much deeper understanding of what are my earthly and spiritual duties.

Questions that have tormented me from an early age are, if not answered, dissipated or have taken a different form. The context of my life has changed.

The ultimate outcome, so far, has been the discovery of a like-minded group of people, and the amazing power of unconditional and innocent love, non-criticism (I come from a family where criticism/comparison of each other and self, though not necessarily negative or destructive, was the norm).

- Annette age 55

Not religious however spiritual and very practical applications for everyday life. Very straight forward practical stuff, not rocket
science or difficult but life changing all the same.
Enjoying my life and the people in it far more.

- Alison age 60

I’m more still, calm, composed and relaxed and less moody, fearful, anxious, stressed and depleted.
I’ve developed better relationships with family and friends. I have the strength and courage to take on major challenges and
obstacles in my life.
I’m a better husband, father and parent. My wife and I are responsible for bringing up three young boys.
I’m a better worker. I’m more helpful, capable, productive and effective at work. I like being of service to everyone including my
family, colleagues and other people.
I enjoy more space, freedom and creativity in my ‘busy’ life.

- Graham age 33

My husband suggested I should come. I didn’t really have any personal reason to come. I feel more calm and focused under pressure. I feel more calm and focused under pressure. It appeals to my beliefs, but I like how it is not religious focused.

- Julie age 28

Before SFSK I had a spiritual yearning and now I have a deep spiritual understanding.
I used to be a fearful person and now I recognize the strength of Spirit inside me and do not feel fearful.
I used to feel unhappy that I wasn’t contributing more to the greater good of the world - I now know that living in the present is valuable service to the greater good.

- Ann age 42

Before SFSK classes, I did not pay sufficient attention to spiritual development at adult age. My focus was a 100% doer.
I am now able to observe those close to my personal life (or be aware of their state of mind) and hence address the need of the family situation in a more passionate manner and with measure.

- Adam age 52

I have a much greater awareness of my own predispositions and tendencies to react to certain situations and the practices help to bring this into focus and therefore to loosen the hold that they have over you.
When following SFSK’s practices, I am certainly calmer, inwardly and outwardly, and generally have greater clarity of mind and more energy.

- John age 39

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