What is Self Knowledge?

As the words themselves proclaim, Self Knowledge is knowledge of Truth, what we truly are; it is the ultimate answer to the perennial question 'Who am I?'

People everywhere seek peace, happiness and freedom from life’s entanglements – without realising that what they seek already exists within themselves.

Self Knowledge reveals that source

Beyond the body and its actions, beyond the mind and its thoughts, beyond the heart and its feelings: that eternal centre of Bliss which is the very essence of all human existence.

The School for Self Knowledge offers practical guidance for direct personal experience to those who seek Truth, Knowledge a greater fullness of life, a deeper understanding of all human existence and the world in which we live.

What is the Purpose of my Life?

In an age where the individual is becoming less and less significant, Self Knowledge brings peace of mind and freedom from all fears.
It gives an appreciation of the unchanging Unity in all diversity, and points towards the regaining of lost significance and purpose of life.

Self Knowledge has existed from the dawn of human history, for every human being has the innate Awareness of their own existence. It is the most fundamental of all studies relating to humankind, revealing Truth and our innate potential for fullness of life, inner peace and everlasting happiness.

Kena Upanishad

"Eye, tongue, cannot approach it nor mind know;
not knowing, we cannot satisfy enquiry.
It lies beyond the known, beyond the unknown."

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