The School

The School for Self Knowledge is a wholistic organization providing guidance to students and the community for over 30 years. The School offers an Introductory Course of Self Knowledge, four times a year, for those who seek a greater fullness of life, a deeper understanding of human existence and the world in which we live.

About Us

The School is a wholly independent, non profit, unincorporated organization, and is not associated with any political, religious or other organization. It is earnest and sincere in its aim and purpose, which is the study, understanding and experience of Self Knowledge, and the Wisdom of the ancient sages of Advaita Vedanta.

All tutorial and other services provided to the School by its members are freely and voluntarily given, without any financial remuneration, and income of the School is directed solely to support its aim and purpose.

The School is solely an educational and cultural body and makes no claim as to the outcome or benefits of its courses, other than being of an educational nature concerning the topics in its curriculum. In particular, the courses of the School are not intended to be of a counselling nature or a substitute for professional treatment for medical or psychological difficulties.

Student Testimonials


"SFSK has filled a gap which gave me a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of life.

Thus I was able to integrate the spiritual practices into my daily life which has made a difference in my attitude towards people and life itself.

I feel more measured, calmer and take on situations as they arise."


"I have a much deeper understanding of what are my earthly and spiritual duties.

Questions that have tormented me from an early age are, if not answered, dissipated or have taken a different form. The context of my life has changed.

The ultimate outcome, so far, has been the discovery of a like-minded group of people, and the amazing power of unconditional and innocent love, non-criticism (I come from a family where criticism/comparison of each other and self, though not necessarily negative or destructive, was the norm)."

Case Manager

"Before SFSK I had a spiritual yearning and now I have a deep spiritual understanding.
I used to be a fearful person and now I recognise the strength of Spirit inside me and do not feel fearful.

"I used to feel unhappy that I wasn’t contributing more to the greater good of the world - I now know that living in the present is valuable service to the greater good."

Public Servant

"The benefits are quite broad really. Most of the positive effects are due to practices which help quiet the mind, the constant chatter and which allow you to reconnect with yourself and those around you.

In doing so, many aspects of life become more enjoyable, or where there are challenges, allow you to tackle them more usefully and oftentimes with a different perspective."

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